Mapping History


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development, and the importance of maintaining a city's historical features. Old architectures in the city, just like the elderly people, should be respected and treated well to retain a city's historical and cultural memories so that history and hometown memory can take roots in people's minds, helping them build stronger cultural confidence and deeper love for the country, Xi said. "The cities are built by the people and are for the people," Xi said, adding that urban planning and development must be committed to a people-centered approach and focus on people's needs. At a civic center in a community where residents co

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me from over 50 countries and regions, Xi was briefed on the community's platform that solicits residents' opinions, and talked with representatives of them attending a consultation meeting on a draft law. Speaking of the community's endeavors as a grassroots-level legislation contact point for the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Xi called for efforts to make it easier for residents to express their views through established channels and continue to explore diverse forms of democracy. Urban governance is an important part of accelerating the modernization of China's system and capacity for governance, Xi said. Xi stressed working on shifting the focus and supporting resources of urban gove